[url=https://www.mmocs.com/fifa-19-account/][b]buy FIFA 19 Mule Accounts[/b][/url] The Flashback cards of FIFA 19 are already a cult for different gamers. It is not rare in fact especially if you are a frequent visitor of the Weekend League to be in front of a Juanfran or a Mario Gotze in their special versions dedicated to their season of grace. Precisely speaking of German in fact it is enough to know that his Flashback card dates back to the 2013/2014 season: at the end of that year in fact a Gotze not yet twenty-two graduated world champion with his Germany. Even with Bayern Munich things turned quite well given the 10 goals and 9 assists in 27 appearances overall.

To complete the Pink Creation Challenge in FIFA 19 and get the Mario Gotze Flashback just complete two challenges: the first called Germany will require at least 3 players from the aforementioned country including a player from the Week Team - whatever it is - and an overall overall of 84. The team agreement must be at least 85 and as a reward it will be possible to receive a Gold Prime Players package.

As for the challenge Bayern Monaco however suffice it to say that here there will be no need to sacrifice a member of the Team of the Week: will only recreate a team from the minimum overall rating of 84 with a minimum of 85 and a player from Bayern . If you have done everything according to the procedure congratulations: you will have your Mario Gotze Flashback in FIFA 19! But remember to complete the SCR no later than November 7 the last date to get the card.

FIFA 19: out the free Movember kit

EA Sports also very active on the social front [url=https://www.mmocs.com/fifa-19-account/][b]cheap FIFA 19 Account[/b][/url] with the US software company that announced the release of the free kit in support of the Movember Foundation. The association which focuses on prevention and correct information about some diseases that affect men - with particular attention to prostate cancer - therefore confirms its partnership in FIFA with a uniform that will boast the logo of the foundation. A laudable initiative which will also focus attention on important issues in terms of prevention.

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